A lovely home exterior is only as appealing as its interior. Are you longing for the days when your home exteriors were welcoming and warm? Are you ready for a change? Perhaps it is high time for you to reveal your home to the world with some simple yet appealing changes that really make a difference! Read on to discover what these simple yet attractive home exterior design ideas can do for you!

Simple Landscaping: Landscaping has always been considered an afterthought in most home interiors. However, recent advances in landscaping technology have made it an essential component of home interiors. Exterior designers are now able to incorporate both residential landscaping into a home design. Such landscape elements as walkways, patios, pools, gazebos, and flowerbeds can be used to effectively improve the aesthetic appeal of your home exterior.

Simple Interior Design Elements: Using good-looking but simple interior design elements is a great way to improve the aesthetic appeal of your home exterior. For example, beautiful exterior lighting can give your house a very warm and inviting feel. The use of elegant shutters can also do wonders in making your exteriors more beautiful. Likewise, the use of beautiful and inviting glass panels and doors can also do wonders for the interior of your home. These and other simple interior design elements such as well-placed windows and doors can help you improve the overall appearance of your house exteriors.

Curb Appeal: Effective use of contrasting colors is a tried-and-tested curb appeal technique that home designers use all the time. For example, placing a white door on a red curb can do wonders for the appearance of your home. Thus, make sure that you use contrasting colors for your doors, trim, and siding. Use different shades of the same color for your doors and trim. Similarly, for your siding, use layers with different shades of color for contrast.

Appropriate Brick Type: Choose the appropriate brick type for your exterior design project. For example, for curb appeal, it would be advisable to use brick that stands out with reddish tints. If you are thinking of using natural and organic materials like wood, use cedar, or paint pine instead of cedar.

Proper Siding: Proper siding plays an important role in improving your home’s exterior design features. However, the choice of siding should be done carefully. For example, asphalt shingles are not ideal for home interiors because they are very slippery. Also, metal or vinyl shingles are not advisable for driveways because they can become very hot during summer and fall. Instead, use wood shingles as your exterior home design features for curb appeal and warmth.

Board-and-batten siding is a good choice if you want a traditional look to your home exterior design. It also creates a very structured look. Board-and-batten siding is best used on driveways and walkways.

Fieldstone is another alternative for home exteriors. When choosing fieldstone for your exterior design, choose minimal or no patterns at all. Do not forget to leave space between the stones and the porch for plants and bushes to grow. Finally, remember to check your homeowner’s association rules for proper installation of fieldstones. When all these things are considered, you will have a pleasurable experience while upgrading your home exterior design.

Horizontal Lap Siding: Most homeowners are more accustomed to traditional shingles, which come in either single or twin horizontal sizes. These shingles are best used on homes that have hipped roofs. For exterior design purposes, horizontal lap siding is becoming one of the most popular options because it looks great, can withstand rain and snow, and is easier to repair than other types of siding. Also, many homes with hipped roofs have a sloped front door that requires some repair.

Hinged Fence: Also known as fence siding, hinged fence siding is gaining popularity because of its versatility and ease of repair. As with many things, a well-made hinged fence can be expensive. Nevertheless, if you build your own hinged fence for curb appeal and budget reasons, it can be one of the most pleasing purchases you make. Also, because it is so easy to repair damage, it makes a good exterior design choice for many homes. Hinged fences are available in a variety of styles, from quaint country cottages to large rustic rock structures.

Trim Shingles: Often considered maintenance-free, trim siding is made out of metal, aluminum, copper, and other alloys. Because trim siding is not permanently attached to the home, it does not require nails or glue to keep it in place. However, it is best used on homes with at least three corners and two door openings. When used on homes without doorways, trim siding makes a great choice because it looks nice, lasts longer than shingles, and is generally very easy to repair damage.